This unique training class is conducted by Master S. Comley-White (4th degree Blackbelt) and qualified Body Guard.

A bit about Master S. Comley-White

Shane Comley-White was born in johannesburg and at the age of 17 started studying martial arts, started learning the traditional Korean martial art which falls under the Moo Duk Kwan system. After receiving his 1st dahn, Shane started to explore other arts to get a feeling of what tools compliment what he had already learned. Some of the other arts studied are Capoeira, hupkido, CQC, along with the sword art called Shim Soo Do.

After many hours dedicated to the perfection of the different techniques already learned, Shane was asked by his Masters to open up his own school in South Africa. In 2004 In Nei Moo Duk Kwan was officially opened. This school teaches open hand techniques as well as a range of traditional and practical weapons.

After receiving his 3rd dahn, and successfully running a martial arts school, Shane decided to focus on the perfection of his already obtained skills. In 2009 shane was given a government grants to train as a body guard, after a difficult  training program which covered a wide range of tactical training techniques, first aid, advanced driving to and many more valuable skills Shane was qualified to start working in the VIP industry.

As a qualified body guard and martial arts instructor Shane has build up alot of knowledge which makes him someone who understand both the spiritual and reality of using his skills at the same time allowing him to pass on a wealth of knowledge to those who are dedicated to learn.

Shane graded to 4th Dahn by our international association and had to perform in all aspects, weaponry, fighting, forms, fitness, it was a 6 hour grading and  achieved high marks.